Social Responsibility
Our Social Responsibility Principles
With this policy statement, the ALKOR stresses corporate social responsibility principles as well as the importance and priority given to the topic by the Group.

Based on the accepted core values of modesty, respect and proximity to people, the ALKOR regards basing all corporate conduct on the awareness of social responsibility as an unchangeable core component of its management approach. We expect all of our establishments that constitute the ALKOR to manage the economic, social and environmental impact of their actions with responsibility and to place priority on the development of society. We do not regard the scope of our social responsibility limited to just our business operations or their impact. We determine our level of social responsibility and its priority on what is good for society and the environment as a whole. We pursue a pioneering role with regard to actions that protect democracy, human rights as well as the environment. 

The basic principles that govern our social responsibility practices are:

1- At the ALKOR, we fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities toward society in all countries that we operate, in close collaboration with employees, public, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

2- We regard our human resources as the most significant component in creating sustainable growth. We ensure that all employees take advantage of their personal rights as members of the ALKOR, fully and accurately. We treat our employees with honesty and fairness; we are committed to creating a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We undertake efforts to enable the personal development of all employees while pursuing a balance between their private and professional lives.

Any discrimination within the organization based on race, religion, gender, age, political opinion, language, physical challenge or similar reasons are not tolerated.

We strive to ensure that people of different beliefs, views and opinions work together in harmony by creating a positive and cordial work environment that supports cooperation and prevents conflict.

We administer programs that contribute to preserving employee health that we accept as important to ensuring our employees’ quality of life and success.

At the ALKOR, we believe that all employees deserve to work in a healthy and secure work environment consistent with human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable assets and we strive to provide employee safety and security as our primary goal.

3- We manage the environmental impact of our activities with a sense of responsibility. ALKOR are required to identify and apply the necessary improvements and development activities that minimize or eliminate negative environmental impact. We require our companies, beyond their legal requirements, to apply the best environmental solutions to all they do and to support any initiative that will develop and deploy environment-friendly technology and enhance environmental awareness.

4- At the ALKOR, we strive toward the improvement of society pursuant to our sense of corporate social responsibility. We encourage our employees to take part in social and societal volunteering.

5- We develop and implement approaches to ensure that all of our partners and particularly our suppliers act in accordance with the social responsibility standards of the ALKOR